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Mould Detection

Expert Mould Detection and Abatement protects your Roof and the health of your family

Roof Mould Detection

Mould detection is crucial to preventing premature deterioration of your roofing system. It also prevents the occurrence of mould-instigated respiratory illnesses. CVR Roofing offers expert roof inspection.

Stains and discolouration could be an indication that your roof is infected with mould. Constant wetness, inadequate moisture/vapour barrier, worn-out underlayment, missing shingles, improper or inadequate ventilation are some causes of mould growth. Whatever the reason, CVR Roofing can guide you through the removal and prevention of mould growth.

CVR Roofing has extensive experience in roof mould detection and removal for homeowners in Burlington and Oakville.

Call us for immediate mould detection and mitigation.
Mold Detection

How does CVR Roofing deal with Mould?

Early mould detection minimizes damage. CVR Roofing has the equipment and expertise to quickly identify contaminated areas. Fill out our online form or call 905-631-7883 to schedule a no obligation consultation with a CVR representative.

You can’t prevent rain, snow and ice from wetting your roof, but you can take necessary steps to protect your roof from the elements. Installing underlayment with superior water resistance and proper ventilation when re-roofing, will minimize the risk of mould growth.

CVR Roofing’s Tundra Package is especially designed to help prevent mould, mildew and leaks.

Phone us or send an online request for more information on the Tundra Package upgrade for new roofs.