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The CVR Difference

The CVR Difference: A Roofing System Designed for Aesthetics, but also for the Comfort & Security of Burlington & Oakville Homeowners

At CVR Roofing, we know your roof plays a crucial role in protecting the structural integrity of your home, family and possessions. This is why we pay close attention to every aspect of your roofing system – installation waterproofing, ventilation and durability.

For us a roof is much more than just a row of shingles stacked together. It is a dynamic system that assures security, improves comfort, enhances appearance and above all, offers you peace of mind.

When you come to CVR Roofing for new roof installation, you benefit from a lasting solution and top-quality service.

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What Is the CVR Roofing Difference?

  • Complete Protection: We believe a quality roof system involves underlayment, shingles and ventilation working together to provide enhanced weather resistance and protection. CVR Roofing offers superior roofing components and expert roof installation which improves roof performance and life. No doubt, this enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Water & Moisture Resistance: Rain, ice and snow often accumulate on your roof resulting in ice dams and leaks that can damage building structure. Our Tundra Package upgrade not only improves water resistance but also provides a superior leak barrier, far exceeding traditional building codes
  • Proper Ventilation: Poor ventilation causes extreme heat build up in the hotter months, and condensation build-up in the colder months (in your attic) which can lead to  mould, leaks and ultimately, premature roof deterioration. Our full roof inspection checks attics and vents to ensure that a proper air balance is maintained. Adequate air flow reduces temperature difference (between the temperature outside and indoors) which controls moisture and allows proper ventilation.
  • Superior Shingles: Your shingles combined with superior underlayment choices pull your entire roofing system together. This is why CVR Roofing uses high quality CertainTeed Shingles which have stood the test of time and weather.

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CVR Roofing offers high-quality roofing solutions that will provide absolute protection for your home and value for your money. We don’t believe in covering up problems, we fix them. And we offer numerous choices to accommodate every budget!

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