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About Us

CVR Roofing – An Outstanding Oakville Roofing Company offering quality workmanship and excellent customer service

oakville roofing company

CVR Roofing aims at providing our Burlington and Oakville homeowners with top-of-the-line roofing systems, skilled workmanship and exceptional service.

We treat your roof as a dynamic system where underlayment, shingles and ventilation work in tandem to provide maximum protection and last longer. CVR Roofing customers enjoy personalized solutions that meet the precise requirements of their region, design preferences, roof structure and budget. Upon completion of all jobs a thorough magnetic sweep and final ground inspection is performed, ensuring we leave your property the way we found it.

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What sets CVR Roofing apart from other roofing contractors?

  • Family-Run Business: CVR Roofing is owned & operated by Jamie Sharp. We know the importance of providing absolute protection and value to our residential customers. We do this by offering a range of superior roofing systems that match varying styles and budgets. Our Tundra Package and Roofsaver Program™ are examples of how CVR makes a difference.
  • Fixed Pricing: Being a year-round roofing contractor helps us provide all-season service and integrity pricing. Our re-roofing prices don’t fluctuate with seasonal demand changes. Whatever time of the year you come to us, our prices will remain the same.
  • Certified Roof Installers: The performance and lifespan of your new roof depends not just on quality products but on workmanship as well. CVR Roofing is a member of the Professional Roof Advisory Council. Our site supervisors are CertainTeed certified MSAs (Master Shingle Applicators) with the experience and training to deliver satisfying results.
  • Up-To-Date on Industry Standards: Technology advances every day. Whether it’s products, techniques or equipment, we are constantly updating our knowledge so we can provide enhanced roofing services to our customers.
  • Expert mould detection: Early detection of mould and lasting solutions are vital to preserving the quality of your indoor environment. We can help ensure that your home is a safe place and free from harmful substances like mould.
  • Superior New Roof Warranty: As a trusted roofing contractor you can count on us for problem-free roof installation. Our customers are always pleased with the post-installation clean up of jobsites that our professionals ensure.  Reliable warrantees on manufacturing defects from industry leader CertainTeed combined with our 15-year installation guarantee, ensures lasting protection.

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